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Our first Community Meal

THE BISTRO at Eagles Point had a blast hosting our first free community meal! Fish and Chips night was a huge success and we would like to THANK everyone who came out to support the cause.  We hope you all had a fun time sharing a meal and celebrating community!

A “Pay-it-Forward” style restaurant.

THE BISTRO at Eagles Point provides the community healthy, affordable meals in a welcoming environment. As a “Pay-it-Forward” style restaurant, we accept four types of payments to cover meal costs. Payment options:

1. Pay what you can afford to pay. If you are unable to pay, you can give your time in service as payment.

2. Pay the full amount of the suggested meal price.

3. Pay the full amount of the suggested meal price, plus a little extra to help “pay it forward.”

4. Give your time in service to “pay it forward” for your neighbor to enjoy a meal.