Our Concept
Payment options:
1. Pay what you can afford to pay. If you are unable to pay, you can give your time in service as payment.
2. Pay the full amount of the suggested meal price.
3. Pay the full amount of the suggested meal price, plus a little extra to help “pay it forward.”
4. Give your time in service to “pay it forward” for your neighbor to enjoy a meal.

What the “pay it forward” concept allows:
This concept allows us to provide those in need a good meal as they come in to the restaurant without ridicule or judgment. It also provides the resources to provide open community meal times, again free of charge for those in need.

The Bistro is nothing without volunteers—the spirit behind our mission. The Bistro benefits from all that our customers have to offer, whether it be financial gifts or donations of time, materials, or special skills.
We will encourage volunteers to sign up in advance for one to two-hour blocks of time on Tuesday through Saturday. If unable to sign up in advance, volunteers are welcome to stop by during business hours to see if assistance is needed on that particular day.
Volunteers should be 16 years of age to work in the kitchen, although families who wish to volunteer together as a family may have younger children help out with other projects.

“Volunteer Spotlight”