The Bistro is a place where our Community is provided healthy, affordable meals in a welcoming environment.


Our Community is welcome at our table

A seat is waiting for you whether you are hungry or you hunger to make a difference.


Happy are the hands that serve

We cannot function without volunteers who give their time and talents.  Our volunteers are guided and trained by our staff through every task.


Pay it forward

Our menu is affordable at a suggested price of $6.00 per meal.  Pay what you can afford.  Pay the full amount of the suggested price, or even a little more to “pay it forward” and help feed your neighbor.  If you are unable to pay, an hour more of volunteering will serve as payment for your meal.


Sense of Community

At the Bistro, our Community comes together from across the street or across the County.  New friends, families, those in need of help and those with help to offer, come together to share a healthy meal and the pleasure of good company.


Community is the “Special of the Day”

Don’t be a stranger, say hello, and introduce yourself to neighbors around you.  Stay awhile and stay informed of the Bistro’s commitment to eliminating hunger, building relationships, and celebrating Community.


Our main ingredient

Here, all are treated as one with cheerfulness, kindness, and respect.


What the “Pay it Forward” concept allows:

This concept allows us to provide those in need a good meal as they come in to the restaurant without ridicule or judgment. It also offers the resources to provide open community meal times, again free of charge for those in need.

Eagles Point Complex
102 E Decatur Street
Eaton, OH  45320